The cryptocurrency market at the moment is very active with the Defi trend. Of course, Defi is basically the target of many Blockchain projects, I find that most of the projects developed towards Defi have attracted a lot of interest from people who know about cryptocurrencies. And I…

The new generation public blockchain, KCC, recently launched the KCC cross-chain bridge. The bridge will allow the native tokens of other chains to circulate and trade interchangeably. Initially, it will support stablecoins like USDT and USDC to move from Ethereum to KCC. When moving assets to KCC, users will not…



Cryptocurrencies have been a prominent topic in the financial market for many years now. Since its inception, cryptocurrencies have created strong developments that also become a part of everyday life. Even though there aren’t too many people using cryptocurrencies today, there are a number of large establishments accepting cryptocurrencies…


Blockchain technology has proven its strength in the midst of a failed financial order and a thin stretch of the medical sector. The technology’s growing appeal stems from its innovative approach to recurring problems across many industries. In the financial context, we have seen the consolidation of digital assets and…

Andrew chill

I try to keep runnin’ but it keeps on coming and it’s taking it a 10 years !!!

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