DeHero is a card collecting blockchain game featuring NFT+DeFi gameplay.


With the growth of DeFi along with the expansion of Crypto market capitalization and participants. Because many NFT Game projects that were previously just ideas are now starting to be released to the public. We are also seeing that many NFTs are trading at a premium. Continuously covered by the media. So many people hope to seize the opportunity to find a valuable NFT. This creates a motivation to sign up for NFT Game accounts. Along with the increase of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are interested in other forms of MMO. And “play while earning money” is clearly too attractive for those with little capital. Today I will bring you a project whose mission is to not only dig deep into the field of NFT but also bring a lot of interesting things about the product it is building.

DeHero is an application focuses on NFT+DeFi is published by MixMarvel, a world-renowned blockchain game publishing platform. DeHero integrates card games with DeFi functions and NFT transactions while injecting financial logic into the game. It is worth noting that in 2019, MixMarvel proposed the concept of Staking Game, that is, “NFT with a base price.” DeHero is the latest practice of this concept conducted by members of the MixMarvel community.

1. DeHero Cards: New Assets in NFT+DeFi Mode

DeHero is a GameFi application deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In DeHero, the NFT cards are published based on the BEP-721 protocol. DeHero has created a pricing mechanism that allows tokens to assign NFT prices. When each NFT card is minted, the corresponding number of tokens — Fungible Tokens — will be locked into the card. Therefore, NFT cards are fundamentally different from other digital collectibles blinNFTs and artwork NFTs. As the native blockchain assets, NFT cards use FTs as the base value, ensuring the stability of NFT assets’ value. For players, their digital asset rights will be further protected. In this way, these NFTs with basic prices can better link with DeFi. They might even become the new high-quality assets of NFT-based mortgage lending, NFTEX, and other DeFi protocols.

When NFT itself becomes a high-quality asset and generates more revenue through the multiple gameplay designed by DeHero, its liquidity is guaranteed. In this way, NFT can expand more application scenarios, such as increasing game plays like NFT card battles and opening DAO community governance, etc.

2. DeHero Core Gameplay: DeFi+NFT+Game

In DeHero, players can randomly obtain NFT cards of heroes by purchasing NFT blind box card packs, staking FT assets, and providing liquidity. Each hero has six quality levels: white, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold — ranking low to high. The higher the rate, the higher the combat capacity. The card number, quality, combat capacity, and the number of tokens contained determine the value of an NFT card. After obtaining NFT cards, players can: participate in card mining, formulate mining strategies according to game rules, improve mining efficiency, and receive more game revenue.

DeHero launched a native token under the name HEROES. Later this token will serve as a governance token. To be able to start using the DeHero platform, users must have HEROES tokens which they can buy on PancakeSwap. After having HEROES tokens, they can stake tokens on DeHeroes to get a card set containing various characters with various strengths. The HEROES token will also be used in the marketplace as a currency for buying and selling digital assets.

The MixMarvel team has revealed that the team and community would be committed to optimizing the game experience. These optimizations include launching more heroes, accessing more mainstream valuable assets to introduce the game ecology, and adding NFT hero card battle mode. While enhancing the entertainment features, it empowers more application scenarios for the game. DeHero will introduce the DAO governance module, allowing players to participate in game development planning and ecological governance through the DAO community.

In addition, DeHero will cooperate with other well-known projects soon to launch co-branded NFT cards. The co-branded NFT card not only has higher value and more substantial combat power. For users, obtaining the co-branded NFT card also means an opportunity to have richer asset types and greater profits.

DeHero is a decentralized GameFi application based on BSC, allowing users to staking NFT assets, unbox NFT card packs, collect NFT roles, and do card mining. With DeHero, players can play and earn at the same time. Exploring the idea of blockchain games, we can find that NFTs are a core element of blockchain games. NFT can prove ownership and authenticity. And, it can be easily transferred between parties.

Under the innovative pricing mechanism that token gives NFT prices, the outstanding performance of DeHero will never be a question mark.


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