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Jun 3, 2021

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MocktailSwap:The World’s First Semi-Fungible Token on BSC, SFT✅


The cryptocurrency market at the moment is very active with the Defi trend. Of course, Defi is basically the target of many Blockchain projects, I find that most of the projects developed towards Defi have attracted a lot of interest from people who know about cryptocurrencies. And I am probably also a very interested person, in today’s article I will bring you about a new Defi project, with this project you can see a lot of notable points. relative to the current cryptocurrency market.

A standard interface for contracts that manage multiple token types. A single deployed contract may include any combination of fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens or other configurations.

Mocktail Token is the first semi-fungible token of MocktailSwap. Mocktail Finance is an AMM protocol that incorporates multi-strategy yield optimizing on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with low fees/slippage that also provides aggregation through vault compounding, lending and yield generation for maximum returns. MocktailSwap is the decentralized swap solution on Binance Smart Chain. We provide a platform to create completely secured and fast decentralized token swaping system.
- Stable positioning of your assets with little to no impermanent loss
- Automated, maximally optimized yield
- Complete Decentralization
- A fully governance-based MOK token economy


It’s a new Ethereum token standard on Binance Smart Chain and a new type of dapp on Mocktail Finance! The ERC-1155 token standard provides a way to make one smart contract govern almost an unlimited number of tokens — technically, ²²⁵⁶ token types with up to ²²⁵⁶ copies of each. Additionally, each token is semi-fungible. Unlike ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which can only be owned by one address each.
Semi-fungible means:
- Each token type can be owned by multiple addresses
- One address can own multiple copies of each token.

Swapping: Swapping is the process of swapping one token to another, on the same platform. Swapping is done with a minimal fees for the liquidity provider, that has provided liquidity to the pool.
Liquidity: Liquidity is a measure of the ease at which an asset can be converted to another asset without affecting its price. In simple terms, liquidity describes how quickly and easily an asset can be bought or sold.
Farming: Yield farming is a way to make more crypto with your crypto. It involves you lending your funds to others through the magic of computer programs called smart contracts.
Staking: A staking pool is a group of coin holders merging their resources to increase their chances of validating blocks and receiving rewards. They combine their staking power and share the rewards proportionally to their contributions to the pool.

Ticker: MOK
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Address: 0xCA69C118Fa550387794d48900a866891217E5C9F


So I have introduced the most general way about this project, all necessary information is complete in the article. Knowing that MocktailSwap is a great thing, the project has many interesting points and I think their products will definitely be well-received by users. In addition, the partnerships with MocktailSwap are also very good, MocktailSwap is running many programs to promote themselves and nothing promoting better than themselves must be an excellent and potential project and I found that MocktailSwap. Hopefully in the coming time MocktailSwap will publish more information related to the token, I firmly believe that many people are looking forward to this.

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