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DeFi promotes the use of decentralized networks and open source software to create a wide variety of financial products and services. The overall concept is to develop and operate dApps on a less reliable blockchain framework, primarily using peer-to-peer (P2P) protocols. And it is one of the buzzwords that has appeared in the crypto world for a long time. I see that recently you’ve also seen Defi projects, and in this post I will also bring the content of a project that I think is very appealing to tech lovers in cryptocurrency sector.

Specifically, PayAccept — a decentralized financial company and blockchain technology headquartered in the Netherlands that provides clients with processing, financing, lending, card issuance and management services. risk with cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies. PayAccept is developing a decentralized crypto asset wallet and various technology solutions for merchants to accept payments in multiple currencies around the world.


It must be seen that this is a new platform that aims to offer all-in-one unattended storage wallets, providing support for various cryptocurrencies. But the PayAccept portfolio will integrate high-quality security, cold storage, and allow users to transact between different crypto assets on different blockchains in one scoop using a beautiful interface. eye. The wallet can hold and support all cryptocurrencies, including important ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc … Basically, crypto wallets are elements of the Blockchain economy. and its basic digital infrastructure, designed with the sole purpose of allowing individuals to easily access, manage, and transact in crypto files while retaining full authority. Money management without having to become a full node on a Blockchain network or relying on intermediaries to store assets and private keys.

PayAccept will provide an easy-to-understand, intuitive interface through which users will be able to transfer and receive a myriad of cryptocurrencies and decentralize responsibility within teams if needed while still having full money management and protected from network attacks. PayAccept is being built with the in mind of the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.


PayAccept will act as a bridge between the traditional financial world and disruptive new blockchain technology. We expect mass adoption of PayAccept by 2025. PayAccept will become a Crypto Institution to intensify its pursuit of mass adoption. Connect all organizations around the world to Blockchain-powered digital banking by deploying PayAccept mobile app with beautiful interface and easy to use and point of sale (PoS) devices physics by which businesses around the world can connect and process credit card and crypto payments. You can see through the great features that Payaccept offers to users:

Powered by Raiden: PayAccept is the first wallet which will integrate the Raiden network, to execute instant CEX-like transactions, while running as a DEX and swap assets between users.

Link Banks: The platform can directly link with bank accounts for fiat withdrawals, depositing cryptocurrencies, and fiat without worrying about how you should do this.

Cold Storage: Cold Storage, definitely a must for every multi crypto-wallet. A secure way to store your funds offline!

Private keys: Payaccept provide the keys! Take control of your assets, don’t trust centralized wallets and exchanges.

Become your Point-of-Sale (POS): Transform your mobile phone into a payment terminal to accept payments from anyone with a mobile device.

Reach new audiences and build your community: Increase your target audience, communicate with them directly, and build your community.

A single unified interface and platform: The platform’s role is to present customers with a unified interface to manage their asset classes and to give access to a wide array of services denominated in fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Ultimate liquidity: payments in over a thousand currencies, converted into one. Pay any bill at any time with any currency, crypto, or fiat. Send in one currency and receive in another for the ultimate crypto functionality. Gift cards, or refillable cards directly into fiat currencies and vice versa? No problem, we have got you covered through our channels.

Blockchain-powered Accounts: The platform enables virtual joint multi-asset accounts without ever moving fiat from the bank or crypto from the exchange. The security, transparency, and immediacy of blockchain will afford customers and investors the rights and protections demanded by European regulators.

Regulation Compliant: Crypto and fiat assets in these virtual joint accounts will be seamlessly and instantly interchangeable by users while maintaining full compliance with applicable regulations.

And above all, all the services provided by Payaccept run on the Blockchain platform. PayAccept users have their wallet, secured using SHA512 technology. In addition, all wallet security can be extended with personal PIN, 2-way authentication and even fingerprints. All transactions performed must also be confirmed by one of the above methods. The user will receive an email or SMS code about all PayAccept activities. Unusual transactions and suspicious credentials will not be granted access. This is to ensure users, and I believe this is the best and most effective way that Payaccept offers users.


Name: Payaccept

Symbol: PAY

Total supply: 45M

Tokens in circulation: 375k

Tokens to stake: 19,6M

Initial supply: 25M

In September 2020, PAYT (PayAccept Token) will get listed on the following exchanges:


  • April 14th, 2020Registered Office in the Netherlands
  • April 20th, 2020Launch PAY (ERC20) Token
  • June 12th, 2020Launch PAY Pre-sale
  • June 15th, 2020Kickoff Marketing
  • June 30th, 2020 Amazing, the figures of our first marketing round:
    - 25400 Telegram members
    - 15300 Twitter followers
    - 10000 Facebook followers
    - 8000 Linked followers
    - 6500 Youtube subscribers!
  • July 1st, 2020Pre-sale closed!
  • July 7th, 2020Listing on UNISWAP, within 24 hours 100k$ volume.
    Go to Uniswap
  • August 14th, 2020Launch PAY IEO on ExMarkets
  • August 20th, 2020Preparing EMI/MTF license if soft-cap (100k$) is reached
  • August 30th, 2020Purchase of an existing (private bank) if hard-cap is reached
  • September, 2020Launch of PoC — Decentralized wallets with atomic swap
  • September, 2020Listing and staking starts on 10 exchanges
  • September, 2020Pre-registration starts for credit/debit cards
  • September, 2020Token distribution
  • October, 2020Launch of mobile wallet for iOS and Android
  • October, 2020Deployment of first PayAccept terminals
  • November, 2020Series A seed investment round on OTC markets
  • November, 2020Start of DeFi borrowing and lending platform
  • December and so on, 2020Expanding worldwide and introducing extra services like insurances

Team Detail:

Founder: Christiaan van Steenbergen( )

CMO: Gleb Jout(

CCO: Johannes Tarquin Bucur(


So I also introduced to you about the project in the article, I think the information in this article is quite complete about the project. Personally, I think they have some great success on this project, and can hope for what it will bring us in the future. The softcap completion I think is also an important one for this project. If you need more information and news related to Payaccept please search at the helpful links below.

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