Product of CryptoMarketAds (CMA) project

My article will introduce you to the product of CryptoMarketAds.



The CMA marketplace offers the following property and service types:

After reaching the first ICO target, there will be additional services users will be able to sell:

How it works for advertisers

Choose publisher properties to advertise on, or services needed

Upload creatives and checkout

Wait for publisher approval and discuss details if necessary

Follow status of purchased services 4 and wait for completion

Once an order has completed, payment is transferred to the publisher’s account in the form of tokens that were reserved earlier. Advertisers can report problems in case of any issue with the order, or get in touch with the publisher through chat messaging.

How it works for publishers

Add crypto advertising properties/ services to offer in the marketplace

Accept advertiser orders

Complete approved order

Mark order as completed

Basically everything has been completed and is in the process of testing, I greatly appreciate the idea of ​​this project. They came up with an interesting idea and combined with Blockchain technology. Besides, they also have a great team, the above factors may help this project will soon get success. To find information from the project please follow the following channels:

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