The cryptocurrency market at the moment is very active with the Defi trend. Of course, Defi is basically the target of many Blockchain projects, I find that most of the projects developed towards Defi have attracted a lot of interest from people who know about cryptocurrencies. And I am probably also a very interested person, in today’s article I will bring you about a new Defi project, with this project you can see a lot of notable points. relative to the current cryptocurrency market. With the growth of DeFi along with the expansion of Crypto market capitalization and participants. Because many NFT Game projects that were previously just ideas are now starting to be released to the public. We are also seeing that many NFTs are trading at a premium. Continuously covered by the media. So many people hope to seize the opportunity to find a valuable NFT. This creates a motivation to sign up for NFT Game accounts. Along with the increase of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are interested in other forms of MMO. And “play while earning money” is clearly too attractive for those with little capital. Today I will bring you a project whose mission is to not only dig deep into the field of NFT but also bring a lot of interesting things about the product it is building.

Volt NFT is the first NFT marketplace that allows users to sell and buy collectibles and leverage NFTs on the Multi-chain support. The platform provides an ecosystem of services through an easy-to-use interface, connecting the community while allowing full transparency and traceability of collectibles.

Many NFT marketplaces are just that — a marketplace. Simply a platform to transact NFTs on the chain. However, Volt NFT believes, the NFT experience should be so much more than that. Volt NFT’s mission is to bring creators closer to the consumers and provide both creators and the customers with the best experience possible.

Non-Fungible Tokens are tokenized versions of non-fungible assets like artwork, real estate, collectibles. Non-fungible tokens can be used to create verifiable digital scarcity, as well as digital ownership. The specialty of non-fungible tokens revolves around three (3) concepts namely; Unique, Rare & Indivisible.

Many NFT marketplaces are just that — a marketplace. Simply a platform to transact NFTs on the chain. However, we believe, the NFT experience should be so much more than that. Our mission is to bring creators closer to the consumers and provide both creators and the customers with the best experience possible.

Anti-copycats mechanism

This feature on VOLT NFT allows the original author of an art work to retain the copyright of such art such that anybody that purchases such work only has access to it and not a right to sell or publish without the consent of the original author, which is a reminder of the international copyright and international laws.

Anti-Whale dumping mechanism

Whales in cryptoverse are individuals holding a very large quantity of a particular coin or token and can significantly affect the price of such coin or token with a single sell order creating a sell pressure which in return can wreck the price of such a token. To protect $volt token which is the native currency of the VOLT NFT marketplace, the project team has designed an anti-whale dumping mechanism to ensure stabilization of volt token by allowing a single transaction not exceeding 0.5% of the total supply of the volt token.

Passive income for holders

VOLT NFT shares a certain percentage of the tax on each transaction with every holder of $volt token allowing holders to earn passively through static reflex and also ensures little sell pressure as holders can just withdraw their passive income without needing to empty their bags, thus giving value to volt token.

NFT Permanence Solution

VOLT NFT marketplace provides the 1st permanence solution in the NFT marketplace by providing decentralized resilient file holding protocols that helps VOLT NFT store large files like metadata and video files.

Cross Chain Ability

VOLT NFT is interoperability i.e it allows transactions across multiple chains. Though initially developed on ethereum chains, VOLT NFT will allow transactions between different chains to become the first NFT marketplace to remove the barrier of chain limitations.

Planned to debut next month the platform will help artists to launch NFT assets that have unique narratives. Featured by VOLT is designed to help to showcase their NFT art. This initiative will help digital creators and artists leverage the power of the technology. The core benefits of featured by VOLT will include: lifelong commission-free listing, showcasing on featured by VOLT reel, promotion across all social media and a share of VOLTY tokens.

VOLT NFT will use VOLTY token to reward both creators and traders, fundraising on the platform and governance.

Token Name: VOLT NFT
Token Ticker: VOLTY
Total Supply: 20,000,000 VOLTY
Network: Ethereum
IDO: 10%
Team:15% (locked for 24 months)
Rewards: 20%
Staking: 10%
Platform development: 10%

So I have introduced the most general way about this project, all necessary information is complete in the article. Knowing that VOLT NFT is a great thing, the project has many interesting points and I think their products will definitely be well-received by users. In addition, the partnerships with VOLT NFT are also very good, VOLT NFT is running many programs to promote themselves and nothing promoting better than themselves must be an excellent and potential project and I found that VOLT NFT. Hopefully in the coming time VOLT NFT will publish more information related to the token, I firmly believe that many people are looking forward to this.

Website: https://www.voltnft.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VOLT_NFT
Github: https://github.com/voltnft
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/VOLT_NFT
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/VOLT_NFT
Discord: https://discord.gg/BxxKMbeyVM

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