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Aug 19, 2021

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Wunzo Is the Best Defi Board Games Topped With NFTS


Today there are many online casino platforms that are starting to use blockchain as the basis of their platform. By using blockchain technology, it allows the platform to operate more transparently and fairly. Especially now that blockchain technology has developed quite significantly compared to a few years ago, where protocols such as NFT and DeFi really help online casino platforms to operate more modernly and benefit the platform and users.

Blockchain technology has begun to be widely used by online casino platforms around the world because of the many advantages that can be obtained by adopting this technology. And one of the online casino platforms that adopt blockchain technology is Wunzo, an online casino platform that allows users to become players or investors. Here are provided 3 roles, namely Rollers, Croupiers, and Shareholders. Whatever role the user chooses, they can still earn cryptocurrency but with a different strategy.

Blockchain technology has begun to be widely adopted by online casino platforms. This is because by adopting blockchain technology a platform can get various advantages such as faster transactions, more transparent and fair games. Especially now that online casino platforms can combine DeFi and NFTS protocols into their platforms, which will benefit both platforms and users, making the ecosystem more modern and innovative. This is the reason why Wunzo adopted blockchain technology. Wunzo is an online casino platform that provides casino board games. Here users can become Rollers, namely someone who uses the platform to be able to get high profits from playing games. Or become Croupiers, people who purchase NFT tables and set them for Rollers to play on and benefit from it. Or users can become Shareholders by only having Wunzo tokens, later users will get the right to get a share from Wunzo’s tip jar.

Launched on Binance Smart Chain, Wunzo can provide an online casino platform with high performance, security, and lower fees compared to other blockchain technologies. Thus, users can freely play on Wunzo without being too burdened with high fees or low-performance games.

Wunzo is a casino board games platform that uses the DeFi and NFTS protocols built on the BSC platform. Here users can play board games to earn tokens, buy NFT tables and rent them out to earn money or become WNZ token holders to earn shares. But that’s not all, there are several other features of Wunzo:

  • Wunzo Store : Online store provided by Wunzo which makes it easy for users to be able to buy exclusive items with their WNZ tokens. Here users can also trade their NFT tables.
  • Bots: Users can use bots to be able to participate in the game with their strategy or the developer who develops the bot.
  • Jackpot : In order to provide users with more ways to earn tokens, Wunzo provides a jackpot feature that allows users to participate and get a chance to win the jackpot.
  • Clash : Tournament held every month for Ludo and Poker games by Wunzo where users can participate and compete with other players for 1st place.

Wunzo launched a token under the name “WNZ” token on the Binance BEP-20 platform with functions as a utility and governance token. By having a WNZ token, users can get various benefits, such as being able to become a shareholder, buying exclusive items at the Wunzo store, playing board games, etc. The WNZ token was launched with a supply of 50,000,000 WNZ and this will not increase in the future or be a fixed supply. Since this token is based on Binance BEP-20, it means that WNZ tokens can be transferred to any wallet that supports the BSC protocol.

  • We have written the white paper of our project and explained its different parts.
  • We have created the main website for the platform containing all the information about the project.
  • We uploaded an instructional video about the project.
  • We defined the roadmap and each step’s timeline.
  • We started developing the beta version of the platform.
  • Pre-announcement of the project and the creation of our community (suggestion are taken into consideration).
  • Deploying the beta version of the platform on the blockchain to be tested by the community.
  • Launching the platform on the Binance Smart Contract (BSC).
  • The launch of the first sale of tokens and tables.
  • The official launching of the platform.
  • Promoting the project through social media and other networks.
  • Augmentation of the stacking tool (Shareholders can start stacking WNZ).
  • Launching the platform on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Launching the teleportation system.

Given the way that board games require a playground (tables), the team of the project chose to make the playground NFT tables, knocking off the problem of bringing in cash through exchanging NTFS, clients would now be able to create pay just by possessing tables. In this manner, table proprietors get something reasonable for each game played on their tables, unlike the conventional one that has been. By adopting blockchain technology, online casino platforms can get various advantages, such as faster, fairer, and transparent transactions, and many other advantages.

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